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John Findlater as Flip McClure. Jimmy Brachen as Mitch McClure.

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Richard Steele as Jason McClure. Herbert Voland as Harry Scott. Allan Melvin as Desk Sergeant. Elaine Devry as Cleo. Peter Leeds as Police Officer Joelson. Vic Tayback as Chicken Truck Driver. Jamie Farr as Jo Jo. William Christopher as Zip. Pearl Shear as Laughing Lady. Mickey Deems as Sam Bates. Milton Frome as Bud Young. John Copage as Lumberyard Employee. Lord Nelson as Calico the Dog. Jackie Joseph as Georgia Watson.

June 23, Rating: June 1, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews 3. Aj V Super Reviewer. Jason Owens Super Reviewer. Lenny Muggsy Super Reviewer. View All Audience Reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best of Netflix Movies and shows to binge now. Sorry for Your Loss. Madison returns home, only to see a surprising news report where a woman accuses her friend, Lt. Tex Allen of being the murderer. Although it is clear to Madison that he is being framed and the evidence faked, discovering the real killer is a challenge. As more women go missing, the population panics, and Tex is placed on leave and forced into hiding.

The characters are well developed. Madison's loyalty to Tex and desire to help clear his name is understandable. He saved her life, and has helped and protected her in the past. Motives and suspects abound. Several years previously, a police officer killed two young women in a drunk driving incident. The local force distanced themselves from the crime to avoid scandal.

Is the Lakeside Strangler striking against the police force, or is it a personal vendetta against Tex? The motives of the potential suspects were realistic; the anger of a man who felt joining the police changed his brother-in-law, the despair of a man who lost his family.

I could empathize with the suspects, while remaining horrified at the abductions and slayings. I felt Tex's frustration with his powerlessness. I was comforted by Hudson's support of Madison. The emotion in the novel was palpable and realistic. This excellent cozy novel is more serious than humorous, filled with tension and excitement. With Vics You Get Eggroll can be read on its own, but I would recommend reading Vallere's fantastic series in entirety.

What a great read. I'm kicking myself for not having read this series from the start; I really enjoyed it. A string of abductions has everyone in town worried and on edge, including designer Madison Night. She's no stranger to murder investigations but she's shocked to find that her friend, police lieutenant Tex Allen, is a person of interest in the crimes. Madison ca What a great read.

Madison can't believe Tex has anything to do with the missing women or the bodies that have shown up. When Tex takes a leave from the force, Madison decides she needs to help clear Tex's name--whether he likes it or not. Diane Vallere crafts a solid and suspenseful plot that carries readers along page by page.

I found it hard to put the book down! I like the characters, was charmed by the Doris Day themed design descriptions, and got all tangled up emotionally in Madison's love triangle with Tex and handsome handyman Hudson TeamHudson! I really like how the plot narrows, starting out with people and places that only peripherally relate to Madison and slowly circling in to affect not only Madison herself, but those around her, including friends, clients, and neighbors.

With Vics You Get Eggroll

This is a fun, engaging, and exciting mystery and I'm really looking forward to catching up on the first two books and enjoying future installments of the Mad for Mod series. My thanks to the team at Henery Press for the NetGalley copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Follow this unlikely sleuth and her friends as they work to uncover the person behind the abductions and murders. The story pulled me in from the very beginning and kept me glued to the story as it wove its way through a myriad of twists and turns.

Just who the killer is remains a surprise until close to the end. Throughout the story, adding a hint of romance, Madison juggles her feelings and interactions with the police detective being framed by the killer and her regular carpenter friend. Though Madison can obviously only end up with one of these men, I found their interactions and growing chemistry as the story progressed interesting, to say the least. I also enjoyed the picture of a small presented throughout the story. One thing I liked about Madison was the fact that, though she is and has been involved in police investigations, she still comes across as a normal person, who thrusts herself into the middle of things because of her loyalty to the detective being framed.

The story, as I said, pulled me in from the get-go and kept my interest throughout. I think anyone who enjoys a good mystery as well as a great portrayal of a normal person trying to help a friend will enjoy this book. I highly recommend it. I received this from the publisher through Net Galley to read and review. This is a charming murder mystery with a Doris Day influence. I did not even pick up on the name until I went looking for information about the book. With six you get eggrolls. So I am sure I missed a whole bunch of references. Madison Night is a decorator who specializes in the 60's.

She is a big Doris Day fan. Her dog is named Rocky. She does not want to let people into her life. She realizes that she already has. Someone in the Dallas area is kidnapping women. So the women are scared. When the first body shows up a clue is found that leads the police to their own Lt. Madison has flirted with him and she believes in him. Madison has also liked her handyman Hudson. He has been gone for a few months. Madison keeps showing up where the missing women are found or taken. Someone is framing Allen. Madison is determined to help him. This is a clean read.

Has some humor, lots of information about the 60's fashion and decorating ideas. I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Henery Press.

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Jan 26, Eleanor Jones rated it it was amazing. This turned out to be the perfect third book in a series that's both fresh and well crafted. Perfect in a lot of ways: Continued good plotting, fascinating characters who morph and grow, and just a great story in general. Cozy yes, fun yes, but also dark. Something about Madison Night, her plucky spirit, her perseverance in both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances, her humanity I'm almost afraid to review Vics because I worry anythin This turned out to be the perfect third book in a series that's both fresh and well crafted.

I'm almost afraid to review Vics because I worry anything I might say may make it sound trite, when really it's not only an amazingly engaging series but in fact a three-book, coming-of-age journey. And not just for Madison, but for her two leading men as well. And if you think your heroine has to be a certain age to star in a coming-of-age tale, I invite you to think again. This book tied the first three books together beautifully.

The story could comfortably end right here. I hope it doesn't. I reckon I've become a little bit Mad for Mod. And Rocky, and Hudson, and even Doris Day. For maximum entertainment and to watch the story evolve I suggest you read the three books in order: What's good about this book? The mystery itself is really good. It kept me guessing until the end. And as it says in the last paragraph of the synopsis, there is more to it than just a simple solution. The romance is good.

With Six You Get Eggroll - Wikipedia

It doesn't feel like a love triangle to me even though there are 2 love interests. She is drawn to both of them for different reasons. It becomes apparent as the book progresses which one she is being drawn to more. The guys don't really compete for her. There is also humor to What's good about this book?

There is also humor to the book.

There is just a little repetition about how Madison came to be in Dallas and what motivates her to keep her emotional walls up. I didn't need it repeated as much as it was, but it is a minor complaint. Overall this is really a well written, engaging mystery. If you like Doris Day type characters, Madison Night is for you.

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And even if you don't like Doris Day all that much, I think you could still enjoy the mystery. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Diane Vallere has added another successful mystery to the Mad for Mod series. Tex Allen tries to uncover the person who has kidnapped five women and murdered two while impersonating him. Unfortunately this is difficult as he is officially off the case and on leave from the police department. He has resolved his issues with his past Diane Vallere has added another successful mystery to the Mad for Mod series.

Readers who have followed this series will get a deeper, clearer look at the three main characters. There is a deep sadness in each, but also hope for the future. It was very hard to turn the last page in this book. I absolutely loved it, as I did the two books that came before it. Madison is an interior decorator who specializes in the old retro look.

She is a huge fan of Doris Day and even dresses like her. There is a madman who is abducting and killing women and he is getting closer to Madison.

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The madman is leaving clues trying to frame Lt. Tex Allen with the police department. Madison is determined to help Tex solve the case and find the madman before ther Great Series! Madison is determined to help Tex solve the case and find the madman before there is another murder. If you want to read a great mystery that will leave you guessing until the end, then you need to read this book. A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The free book held no determination on my personal review. Madison Night is back and I am very glad to catch up on her hi-jinks. After reading the first two books in the series, I was happy to find it on Net Galley for review. If you have read only one of the books so far, I don't understand how you could possibly not run out and get the other two. I am a big fan of Diane Vallere, and look forward to meeting up with her and Madison again.

However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. An easy to read cozy mystery featuring Madison Night. She is working on restoring a mansion and naming 3 paint colors. Woman visitors to Dallas are being abducted. There is evidence that points to Lt. Tex Allen and he is suspended from the investigation. Madison tries to help him. Just when you feel you know the it takes an a different way that well keep you guessing about the end. Another year to wait for the next adventure.

I would like to thank them for the opportunity to read and review this book. The opinions are my own. Charming and delightful, like the rest of the series I try to not be too repetitive, but I can't find another word that fits this book this series other than "charming". I love the 60s Doris Day flavour, I love the stories, and with every book my opinion on who Madison should date gets stronger. In this book, the relationships with Hudson and Tex change and get deeper, but not necessarily in the way I was thinking. So I found plenty of surprising twists and was well and truly hooked from the fir Charming and delightful, like the rest of the series I try to not be too repetitive, but I can't find another word that fits this book this series other than "charming".

So I found plenty of surprising twists and was well and truly hooked from the first page. I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This was my first book by Diane Vallere, and happens to be the third in the Mad for Mod Mystery series. You don't have to be a Doris Day fan to enjoy this series, but it couldn't hurt. Madison Night is a decorator that specializes in mid-century modern designs and has modeled her look after that of Doris Day.

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I really enjoyed this book and all of the characters, the killer kept me guessing until the very end. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

Madison Night is the bomb-diggity! This series is very different from most cozy mysteries and it always keeps me reading well into the night. Madison's two love interests also keep me guessing and provide for a very interesting romantic scenario. This is a very interesting, well rounded series and I cannot wait until Book 4. Diane Vallere is a very talented author. I'll be honest -- after seeing the cover -- I wasn't so sure I was going to like it but what a good book! Guess it just shows that you can't judge a book by it's cover!

The main character, Madison Night, is a mid-century modern interior decorator who gets involved in abductions and murders. To complicate matters, her hunky handyman, Hudson, and good friend, Tex, are both making her heart yearn for love. I'll be looking for others books by the author, Diane Vallere. Not as good as the first two books, but for those that have read them, this one is definitely worth the time for the character development.

I guessed the killer really early on in the book, and alternative suspects lacked the logic and rational to make them viable. The love triangle gets sorted out in this one, though.