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Paz is a surprisingly good mechanic and Mech pilot. Can pilot Mechs, including Metal Gears. I much prefer smoking, but I have acquired a taste for it, I think. Paz's body has scars all the way from when she was a child to her most recent 'organ donation. Looking like a scared little girl in the middle of a battlefield will usually stop all but the most hardened of men. Successful enemy to hit actions will be rerolled. Paz is so skilled she can combat enemy squads on her own.

Ricardo Valenciano Libre Position: Chico Date of Birth: Snake gains a Personal Action! If Chico is sent on a mission that specific action will lose -5 points per every week he is gone! If left unsupervised, this boy could 've probably escaped from the XOF encampment. Provided he didn't have his ankles bolted down. Chico's been with the Sandinista's from a young age and while he was never actively sent into battle, he was an accomplished scout and there were times that he had to fight.

I don't deserve this. From now on, I'll be helping Snake for real! Chico's had a crush on Paz forever. Still does, but now he's hoping 18 comes faster than when he believed she was a teenager like him. Chico is so skilled he can combat enemy squads on his own. Viking Bear Date of Birth: A pair of strange serrated claws stained in green… blood?

Soldiers Without Borders

The son of an Icelandic father and Austrian mother, everyone knew Bear was going to be huge when he grew up. Rippling with muscles bulging every which way, Hafthor was always interested in physical activity. In a bid to become a professional bodybuilder, he immigrated to the United States at the relatively rock hard tender age of Unfortunately his dreams were shattered early on and instead had to work fast food to make a living.

It was around then that he joined the Marines, earned his citizenship, looking to make the military life he so learned to enjoy into a career. In he was deployed for the first time to Vietnam. Made it back safe and sound too. Then he was redeployed in Again, his luck, physique, and sound judgement allowed him to come home safe. Nearly a month later, Hafthor was the only one who walked back alive covered in high temperature burns, multiple deep tissue lacerations, and half delirious from infection and blood loss.

He was quickly discharged from active service, being offered a cushy desk job at a reservist unit. He refused however and drifted from place to place until he heard that the Legendary Big Boss himself had created a self styled mercenary group. Surely he must have battled the paranormal? But, what if there are aliens here? Hah, my lungs are impervious to harm! Something big with lots of bullets Traits: Bear can throw out accurate belts of lead with one hand due to his prodigious strength on full auto. Once every two turns he can use an AOE attack against squads to pin them down and stop them from firing.

His signature saying, the big man has been known to train people by yelling the command and immediately following up with a clothesline to the throat. Get to Da Choppa!: Bear is so skilled he can combat enemy squads on his own. Command Staff Adjutant Everything Codename s: Kojima, The Director Date of Birth: F Ray Fakir glasses Inventory: Quiet, unassuming and unfailingly polite, none would ever assume Hideo as anything more than just another grunt within the organization.

There are things out there that the human mind is not capable of comprehending. The true identity of The Director is one of those things. Positive Traits The Creator: The director is the staff adjutant because he can do anything. Acts as a secondary Adviser, allowing an additional action to be taken wherever Hideo is placed for that turn. Players cannot control the actions of Hideo in any way shape or form.

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Hideo will never have a POV moment. He is a strange, strange man. Commo Hero Stewardship Codename s: Konami Cod Date of Birth: Suspicious Flask Pic Link: The day started and ended like any other. Wake up, go lift some weights, get chow, do whatever missions or orders that needed to be done, chew out the section dumbasses, get dinner, masturbate in the porta john, clean my rifle, and try to get some sleep while thinking about the first brew I was going to have back home.

When I tried to open my eyes the next morning I found myself tied up in a room somewhere gagged and blindfolded. I was mad as hell, but I could get the humor. Dumb shit like this happens all the time right? Well, things started getting real right quick. Master Miller told me that it was late Assumed he was just doing a bad job of messing with my head to see what I was doing in Costa Rica. He thought I was absolutely nuts when I told him that it should be early And then Big Boss returned.

Believed most every word I said believe it or not. I knew these names, these events, these places. Even then I knew nothing of the man. Regardless, he offered me a place in Militaires Sans Frontieres. How could I refuse? So I took his hand and followed behind the legend in the hopes that experiencing history unfold would give me a key to my memories.

Maybe even finding a way home eventually. But it was not to be. Even if I did remember, even if I found a way home this is my place now. I have seen and experienced things that I cannot even begin to describe. And out of everything that makes me who I am, that is something I never wish to lose. Positive Traits Future Warrior of Occasionally, Konami will freeze up and burst out into a jig with a very specific pattern. When he does so, everyone follows in sync.

It is a proven good luck charm. At the cost of a Fate Point a dice will be rolled based on the number of actions taken in a turn multiplied by 2. The corresponding number the dice lands on will become a critical given the roll was already successful unless the dice goes over the original numbers. Everyday not sloshed is a wasted day. Nanomachines are handy things.

There are side effects caused by emotional suppression however. Will temporarily jump to 5 or 6 if nanomachines are disabled somehow. Up up down down-: Green Experienced Squads gain rerolls when killed or critically wounded while Konami is assigned to the squad! Paranormal Combat Agent 1 Handy Man? Deaf Leopard Date of Birth: Prototype High Frequency Katana Inventory: Nicholas is one of several dozen mass produced experimental super soldiers following the end of the second world war.

While publically decried as universally heinous and grounds crimes against humanity, the data gathered from German and Japanese experimentation of the human body was quietly gathered and squirreled away by both US and Soviet forces. Nicholas is the byproduct of an American attempt of a in utero chemical treatment designed to increase the physical capabilities of a human through metabolic mutation.

The results were mixed. While every child birthed gained an enhanced physiology at least twice that of a child their age, each case also came with a glaring mental or physical defect, given the mother survived the pregnancy. Given such failures and the inability to produce working designs, the United States abandoned the program and the firm contracted to handle the creation of super humans instead promoted their wares to warlords and mercenary organizations of all types in order to turn a profit. It was all he knew. Eventually he was tasked by the company with a new contract in the beginning of right after the Peace Walker incident.

Now Nicholas works as a part of MSF, still living the same old lifestyle that he always has. Except now he can choose between jobs as he wishes. The freedom was exhilarating. Is this what it means to be a man? Leopard can easily leap twenty feet into the air, kick cars onto their side, and slice bullets from out of the air. Small numbers of normal troops have absolutely no chance at facing him and surviving.

Attacks count as AOE to the entire enemy team against non supers. Enters melee range in the first turn of combat. Healed in half the time rolled for. No sane man would ever try and fight Leopard if they had a choice. Enemies are affected by the status affect Terrified. The base stats of all non-supers effectively reduced by half. As obviously deadly as Leopard is, there is still a reason that the project that brought him and others like him into being was scrapped. Generally the defects did not outweigh the benefits. It is extremely difficult for Leopard to blend into normal society.

Stats other than Martial cannot go above 10 even with modifiers. This is a man that likes to live simply. If something stands in his way, he cuts it down. On normal missions during the loot roll, captives are treated as having been killed by Leopard unless they are named characters. Leopard regularly requires a dose of highly toxic and addictive medication in order to keep his body functional, requiring frequent visits to the hospital to check that his health is being maintained. That they act as combat drugs to increase his killing ability is only a secondary benefit.

Prototype High Frequency Katana: Successful attack against normals guarantees an instant kill. Deaf Leopard closes into melee range immediately. After the first turn he will always win initiative first unless fighting a Hero Unit! Normal humans will only see a blur before they are killed. For all intents and purposes his first attack will apply to each target in an enemy squad.

Paranormal Combat Agent 3 Good Doggy?

Blade Wolf Date of Birth: Number 7, Steel Beast Prestige: IF Prototype LQi is a fresh out of the factory combat robot designed to surpass current generation cyborgs and drone combatants. Not knowing what else to do he decided that his only reasonable course of action was to seek employment with MSF. As a machine built strictly for combat in an age where super powered cyborgs were normal , Blade Wolf can tear apart nearly anything that is thrown at him in this era.

Specialized facilities and actions must be taken to repair Blade Wolf. The kind of war Blade Wolf is designed for has never been seen by anyone living. Before attacking, Blade Wolf will have already had run hundreds of separate simulations in the span of a blink. Blade Wolf may reroll for each of his combat actions every turn. This unit wishes to gain employment. Blade Wolf is literally freshly put together, he knows nothing of the world besides the limited amount of data that was uploaded for his initial configuration. Wolf is like a baby who knows how to talk and shoot.

Stats other than Martial, Stewardship, and Learning cannot go above 1 even with modifiers. This will change as he grows depending on the actions taken by players. Ironically Wolf does not enjoy conflict nor does he gain any satisfaction by killing. If anything, he abhors the idea of permanent deletion. PTSD rises in accordance to the number of deaths in a mission. Full base attack value against tanks. Blade Wolf closes into melee range immediately. How Sneaking Missions Work Sneaking missions are covert operations in which a Hero and or a small team infiltrates an area with the sole purpose of completing their objective without being spotted.

Suitable only for specific heroes and combat teams Heroes: Uses same score as above. Only Operators and above gain any sort of bonus to Sneaking Missions.

Militaires Sans Frontières

How combat works How troops work: Stats troops work with You: Attached Hero Units Hero Units that are attached to combat teams during missions add bonuses to the squad and act as a squad on their own utilizing their significant talents and combat traits to turn the tide of battle. The price paid for that however is that Hero Units that are also Advisers at Mother Base will take a hit to their rolls at home.

These troops will be automatically deployed with their squad unless circumstances bar them from doing so Wounds, Death, etc. Tier 1 Special Forces Designation: Provides a general bonus to Black Ops related activities. Targets enemy leaders first in combat. If both initiative and evasion roll higher than the enemies, contact is broken and an ambush is laid for 3x Attacks. Freedom Shark, Sly Chameleon. Tier 2 Special Operations Designation: Provides a general bonus to all things considered Irregular Warfare.

Tier 2 Operators generally train guerrilla fighters and other non standard forces. Demoralizes enemies and provides bonuses for allies in the area. Bouncing Baboon, Pacing Leopard. Patrol Team 1 Stats: While mostly used for recon purposes, Snipers are an effective force multiplier.

Gain 1 Snipe Action every other turn. Used to rucking it out in the jungle for weeks at a time. Provides a bonus to all actions during long missions of 3 weeks or more. Formed to lead units to their destinations, other MSF squads in the area with lower Initiative will use this team's Initiative value instead. There's just something about this squad. This team gains a second Loot roll during a mission, with the highest taking precedence. Combat Engineer Platoon Designation: Give this team a chance, and they'll have a place fortified in no time.

This team receives bonuses when deployed on humanitarian missions. Fire in the Hole! This team carries explosives and lots of it. Team does full damage to armored vehicles even without AT weapons.

Soldiers Without Borders: Valkyrur (MGS/Valkyria Chronicles/CK2)

Heavy Weapons Platoon Designation: When these guys fire their weapons, everyone knows it. Able to pin down 2 Squads from attacking every other turn. Higher chance for enemies to break. Enemy positions won't last long under a hail of. Targeted enemies lose Defense every turn they remain stationary when attacked by this squad. Ravenous Whale, Jolly Badger,. Line Infantry Company Designation: Combat Team 1 Stats: Being designed for general combat, lugging around a tube and base plate is just another thing you have to carry.

Gain 1 Mortar Strike per Battle. The majority of the team is made up of cherries, but they are willing to learn and are led by a veteran squad leader. Experience doubled until the squad hits Veteran. Bigger on the Inside! Despite primarily being a fire support vehicle, this version of the Cougar can fit a squad of ten into the rear, though not very easily. Walking to a fight? Pff, we ride into battle! Is this really an APC? The Cougar is part of the highest tier of APC currently available. Gains 1 reroll per combat turn. Heavy Metal 1 Tank Type: T72A Custom Tier 4 Stats: Defensor Est Exterminatore Roster: Specializes in anti-armor operations Reactive Armor: Enemy Lancers must beat the Tank's defense roll twice to damage Queen of Battle: The T72A Custom is part of the highest tier of armor currently available.

Transport Helicopter Pilots Designation: Air Mobile 1 Call Sign: Surgeon Team 1 Call Sign: Unit Supply Call Sign: Creeping Jackal, Worker Ant. Research and Development Designation: Piebald Deer Date of Birth: Her reasons were much the same. After her mother died she was left in a place where nobody wanted her. Thus she instead joined the army after having heard wonderful tales of camaraderie and friendship that could only be found within the military. Or so she was told. Despite her friendly demeanor she still found herself ostracized by her strange coloring, enjoyment of strange foods, and her ability to heal rather quickly.

Several days later, Big Boss himself rescued the girl when he encountered her locked up in a cage unexpectedly and offered her a place for people who had nowhere to go. She accepted with little hesitation. Though at the time she, as well as MSF, is unaware of her heritage.

Noticeably stronger than a baseline human of her age and stature, she is at the near peak of human physical ability even without the ability to utilize the more esoteric powers of a Valkyria. Deer heals incredibly fast. Wounds are healed within days or weeks instead of months. Beauty Standard of Another Era: Riela is rather healthy. In more ways than one. Long strings of coincidences causing all sorts of ultimately harmless accidents or no, nobody likes having bad juju around in a combat zone.

Riela is a kind and compassionate person. Positive attention is something she received constantly were from two people and both her adoptive parents are dead. This includes both quantity and types of food. Clockwork Dove Date of Birth: It is during this time on the long road towards Randgriz that she made her decision to follow MSF back to Mother Base in an attempt to join and realize her dream of taking her brother flying. Logically she was confident in the fact that with her credentials the still relatively nascent MSF would be unable to turn away her skillset despite her age, though emotionally it was another matter entirely.

And at this time after witnessing a battle between Snake and Miller, she had found a new dream to pursue and yet another place where she was accepted despite her race. What Isara wants to do more than anything is to take her brother flying. Well, she has the means available, but not the knowledge how to do so. What was she going to do after this? Isara Gunther is a phenomenally brilliant mind. The young Darcsen is an extremely adept tank driver. All penetrating shots against armored vehicles Isara is assigned to are rerolled.

Young, short, slight, and soft spoken, Isara hits every big brother button in Mother Base. Her confusion over how to properly convey her appreciation for the extremely large support base that showed up outside the interview office ended up with the Boss having to simultaneously fight off damn near every male, including Kaz, who demanded he sign her on immediately while talking contract terms with the stunned girl. Whether from her lack of contact with people other than her weirdo brother or just a lack of natural social ability, Isara finds it hard to understand most people.

What she does understand however, is how the laws of the world work. She wants to fight hard to prove that Darcsen as a whole are not bad people. Patrol Team 2 Stats: Say what you want, but these boys and girls know how to track. Gain bonus during hunting missions. The majority of Gallian Bastians come from the Barious Desert region. These cats are no different. Gain a bonus to desert missions. It's really hard to kill a cat. Wounds leading to outright death are rerolled the squad's mooks. Civilian Engineers Former Race: It isn't racist if it's true right? Gain bonus during missions requiring building or tearing down fortifications.

Equal opportunity or not, it's still a dumb idea to send these guys on diplomatic taskings. Some allies will do their best to only marginally support this team. Will have various effects on missions during the narrative. Like x 35 Hugs x 4 Funny x 2 Informative x 1. Command Center and Improvements Command Center The heart of Mother Base, allows you to maintain field communications between teams and HQ, this all important building provides an additional action for the following given there is an adviser available Martial Diplomacy Intrigue Solar Plant: Research and Development Main Lab Your forge.

The lab allows for an additional action and opens up general research. Allows you to develop and equip troops with MSF made small arms and gear. With the basic fabricators we got, we can create all the normal necessities you might need to keep a mercenary army going! Provides an extra action for Stewardship! Automatically takes MSF funds and transforms it into product!

LVL1 Sufficient to supply Soldiers and 2 of each vehicle type. The catch being recovery from wounds can take some time to heal. On a 1, troop is revived at Critical. Barracks LVL 1 Barracks LVL1 Cozy little rooms the size of half a shipping container, it has all the needs a common soldier might find necessary to survive!

Regular Warfare Weapons and Equipment Level 1: Well, we've got everything we need. Not necessarily what we want. Provides a small advantage over comparable enemy infantry in raw stats. Supplies and Materials Level 1: We can make do with canvas tents, wooden shacks and C-rations, but please get us something better to live with while we're not in the field Boss! Research Level 2 to upgrade buildings with LVLs. Basic Ragnite Basic Ragnite Knowledge: Well, now that we know what this stuff can do, we can research it as we please Snake! MSF becomes familiar with ragnite.

Basic Ragnite tree opened for research! A 10 to 1 mixture of fuel and powdered ragnite allows our vehicles to run faster and for longer! Regular and tranquilizer round x5 SMGs: At least a first name or a nick name, no exceptions. Darcsen Generally don't have last names Age: Real or estimated, no exceptions. The usual character history stuff. Since not all characters are going to begin with a military background, this should be rather free form. Gallian characters all take mandatory training during their schooling so it might be worth mentioning a specialization from that perspective if you're using a civilian background.

It's a given that many Europans probably do have the blood, but one that can utilize fantastic powers are exceedingly rare. If a character does have Valkyrur heritage, be sure to have an explanation that makes sense and isn't just there for rule of cool. Saying no to conscription is treason. What is most likely to be seen is the disenfranchised, the desperate, the unfit. The world still ultimately sees MSF as a mercenary company, an equal opportunity one, but still a simple organization that fights for money.

That haven't seen what MSF really stands for yet. Further into the war though it might not be odd to see the odd person slated for the penal unit sent this way depending on how the future goes. Maybe even some soldiers who's units were sent on a suicide mission and decide to bail and join MSF believing they have a better chance to survive that way rather than rejoining their units. Rule of cool is good and all, but not if it gets in the way of pragmatism to a great degree. Quirkyness has to have a reason behind it.

Super mysterious characters with completely unknown names, ages, or nationalities. What would be nice to have Characters that aren't Darcsen. Calling it now, that's going to make up at least half the list Don't let that stop you though, there will be many Darcsen joining because MSF is an equal opportunity organization. A place where people of all sorts have no choice but to work together because no one person can actually agree on the uniform or camouflage pattern Cat Boys.

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Everyone does cat girls. Break that stereotype and destroy the hopes and dreams of MSF. Informative x 10 Funny x 3 Like x 2 Hugs x 1. Too far from home. Imperial Helldog , Sep 17, Arjac , Sep 17, LightMage , Sep 17, Well, hey, if people are posting characters in here, I've got one I've been sitting on for a while now! I tried to keep it from venturing into pointlessly tragic land, but the Imps, they are a bunch of bastards at times, and also I built her profile around her pictures so my hand was kinda forced in that regard.

As for her codename consisting of two animals, well, Gallia is already host to flying pigs and Great White Land Sharks. I think that the nation playing host to a bizarre mashup of a fox and bat isn't too far-fetched. Anyway, enough words spewed outta my mouth, have a wall of text. Hopefully she's not terrible! Unmasked, Circa Labor Camp. Clear Sights , Sep 17, Like x 7 Hugs x 1. I'm just going to post the basic idea that I had for the OC.

Older Firhald male Professional hunter in a small mountain village, full Enemy At The Gates teaching of his young son. Imperials attack Firhald, swiftly making it to his village. Son killed in occupation of village, causes Mikeal to join up with the defeated Firhald army for the nations last few battles before it's disgraceful surrender. Left Firhald after its annexation by Empire, searching for a way to cause meaningful harm to Empire. I'm still debating if I should make him a Bastian, just for the first one in the queue to be a Tom that would be older than most of them.

It seemed like an unneeded detail. The wiki doesn't say. Always posting before I'm finished. Raiu , Sep 17, Informative x 4 Hugs x 2. I'm just going to repost this: I was thinking of creating a new world character who had some sort of physical ailment or disability. Like a bad leg,or asthma. This exempted him from militia training. Thing is he still wants to do something so he did some kind of self-training, plus he picked up whatever military knowledge he could. Since he still can't join the army when the war breaks out, he tries to join MSF.

Thing is, I don't know what sort of ailment he would have, and I'm also not certain what he would do. I'm wondering if the collective has any good ideas. He was born in Gallia, but his mother was an Imperial citizen meaning that certain elements of the Gallian military would consider him a security risk if he did join them , and if his ailment was magically cured he would be a sniper.

Soldiers Without Borders: Beyond the SAS by Ian McPhedran

I think that Mikeal would prefer Galia over the Federation for three reasons. Reasons three The first is one you have already stated, as Galia's situation is similar to Fhirald's at the beginning of the war. Small nation right next to the powerhouse that is the Empire. Add in a military tradition of honor and a few animal skulls and Galia looks like the southern sibling to Fhirald.